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I am an Assistant Professor of Data Science and Affiliated Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Oklahoma (OU). I hold a PhD in Information Science from Rutgers iSchool. I currently work with my students at the Human-Computer Interaction and Recommendation (HCIR) Lab at OU.

My research focuses on the intersection of human-centered data science, interactive information seeking/retrieval, and cognitive psychology, and seeks to apply the knowledge learned about people interacting with information in adaptive recommendation and debiasing, user education and intelligent nudging. My recent projects focus on: 1) Psychology-Informed Intelligent Information Retrieval: investigating the impacts of users’ cognitive states and preferences on their decision-making and evaluations of information system performances, with the ultimate goal of making intelligent systems more sensitive to diverse needs, values and biases; 2) Bias-aware Adaptive Recommendations and Human-centered Fairness Evaluation: understanding user biases and bounded rationality that affect and contextualize human-information interaction and leveraging the knowledge about biases on both user and system sides in developing and evaluating fair, sustainable, and ethical system recommendations. Our work is possible thanks to National Science Foundation, Data Institute for Societal Challenges, and OU VPRP. My recent CV can be found at here.

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[Note to Perspective Students:] I am actively looking for self-motivated students to join my Human-Computer Interaction and Recommendation group at OU and work on interesting cutting-edge problems in information retrieval and intelligent systems. Research opportunities are available at both undergraduate and graduate levels. I am especially interested in students with any of the following backgrounds:

If you are interested, please email me at (jiqunliu@ou.edu) with your CV and a brief description of your previous research experiences & current research interests.

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